"You bring a unique mix of business/organizational skills to a traditionally 'squishy' domain that can be really hard to find. Taking something that is intrinsically nebulous like qualitative research, and conceptualizing it in a way that can be (mostly) understood by classically trained business-folk is an incredible skill. I am not sure I've ever seen someone do it better."
– Wes B, Director, Data Science
"One thing I’ve always loved and respected about you, is the way you bring a strong (almost unstoppable) sense of “we can do this!” to the table and then build-up that positive outlook with the team."
– Karl E, Principle Designer
"I have learned so much from you and quite frankly some of the best work of my career was with you and team!!!"
– Sheryl W, AVP Learning & Development
"Can't even begin to thank you enough for all the great work you've done for our team."
– Mike D, Director, Product Management
"I was just witness to amazing dedication, character, and fortitude watching what you did in the Advocacy Complaints workshop."
– Jessica C, Design Producer
"I love how passionate you are with facilitation and getting to the heart of the problem to create better solutions. And you are just a cool dude!"
– Rachel D, Director, Design
"THANK YOU, Dylan, for all your support and leadership – you should be really proud of the partnership you built between design and HR… you brought us a long way."
– Stephen W, VP HR Business & Data Analytics
"I still can't believe you pulled this [workshop] together in 2 days... and got us the roadmap we needed. You saved me on this one."
– Monique B, Director, IT Operations
"I like working with you because you don't stop until you find the right solution. And you can pull the jumbled thoughts that are in my head out and visualize them so clearly."
– Collen B, Lead Change Management Parner
"You document everything so naturally. I can follow your exact process, get caught up, and understand how you reached your insights without even having to have a meeting with you."
– Christine H, Director, Design
"I would unequivocally recommend Dylan not only as one of the brightest individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, but as one of a man of integrity in all matters."
– Eric H, Inside Sales Manager
"Dylan is among the most hard-working and capable team-members with whom I have ever worked."
– Todd K, CEO
"It's hard to sum up how great it was to work with Dylan. The guy is a reliable standout who not only works hard but will add tons of value to wherever he is. When it comes to digital, he is a sharp resource that knows his stuff inside and out. He also truly cares about the quality of his work and the people he works with."
– Bennie R, EVP, Connections Strategy
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Work / Case Studies

Because there is potentially sensitive information in these case studies, a password is required to accesscontact me for the password.

USAA – Executive Storytelling Program

Executives within my team's larger overall organization (Design, Digital, Innovation - DDI) were getting negative feedback about their presentations both to the board and to other executives with whom they were connected for interdependent work. They were unclear in their asks, not presenting at the right level, losing audience interest, and unable to pivot well when questioned. This led to reduced resource allocation for important initiatives, risk of losing progress on important work, and lower morale across team members.

USAA – UX Design Resources Prioritization Framework

More and more partners wanted UX design support. But as the only workforce-facing UX design team throughout the entire enterprise, we never had enough designers to support. We had to find an objective way to invest not only in the work that would be most impactful for our workforce experience, but would also grow the skills and strengths of the team, unify siloed work, and result in direct cost savings or revenue growth.

USAA – 4-year IT Vision & Strategy

4 years prior, the employee-facing IT org (WDS) had hired a consulting team from Deloitte to help them craft their 4-year strategy and roadmap. Due to budget cuts, it wasn't feasible to hire consultants this year. Additionally, budget constraints put added pressure on the WDS organization to get laser-focused only on work that will have the highest impact on overall IT goals

USAA – Together, Anywhere

Covid brought a massive shift in how USAA employees collaborated and worked together. We learned to embrace remote working, and adopted methods to stay connected while we couldn't be in person. But with a return-to-office looming on the horizon, we faced a risk of returning to the way things were before - when collaboration required in-person meetings, and those remote, hybrid, or not in our home office were not included equally.

USAA – Unified Workforce Experience

There were a wide array of services, offerings, and infrastructure provided as internal tools to enable USAA's workforce to do their jobs. A majority of those offerings were disjointed and disconnected from each other - from visuals to communications, from hierarchy to findability, from transparency to education. USAA employees were not able to interact with workforce-facing applications as a single entity.

USAA – Tech Support IVR

IT service management (ITSM) at USAA was costly and slow. Costs averaged about $20/issue to resolve, and a majority of the most popular issues had easily-automated solutions (password resets, for example) that required an average of 10-15 minutes if users worked with a support agent to resolve.

USAA – Tech Support Issue Scheduler

Our IT Service Management (ITSM) processes were such that if a user submitted an issue on their own, without calling or chatting the service desk, a support agent would reach out to them directly to get the issue resolved. If they could not make contact upon initial outreach, they would try again up to 3 times. If they still failed to reach to person who submitted the issue, they would simply close it out, stating that they could not make contact with the user.